Footstomp Music is the brainchild of Graham Ashton and is a record label and management company that also offers event publicity. Represent is a 23-song compilation gathering together the artists they work with and clearly dig. The 23 acts make for one rather eclectic bunch but at the same time their creativity and passion shines through, meaning they all make good music that is equally foot-stomping, hand-clapping and toe-tapping.

King Cannons’ “Stand Right Up” with some feel-good rock and roll that shares a few things in common with Jet. Celadore build on this feeling because “Kinks In Armour” references a period they truly hold dear. Like The Church, they love the sixties (and clearly The Kinks) but they also add a more contemporary edge to it. Glenn Richards is also an obvious fan of the flower-power decade because the gifted Aussie songwriter and Augie March frontman offers his sweet and free lovin,’ “Apple Of My Eye.”

On “Worlds Collide,” Calling All Cars use a heavy assault of guitars to show carnage and destruction and it’s something that Strangers also do in their version of rumbling darkness, “Bred For Breeding”. The Strums meanwhile, offer what could be a number by The Living End on “Two and Two Is Three”.

Rock music isn’t the only order of the day with some electro pop like La Roux crossed with New Order to be found on Junica’s “Living In My House“. Ruby Frost sounds like a fine mix between Bjork and Elizabeth Rose while Bitrok seem to float above revellers partying with their hands up in their air in “Constellation Down”. This track will most likely prove to be a dance anthem as big as one by The Potbelleez.

Busby Marou then brings things down a notch with some gorgeous and tender folk. You’ll get chills as he sings: “I can be the poet, you can be the story”. A group that don’t need tales however are Inland Sea. They’re a gospel choir who are busy praising the Lord before we get rocking ditties from the likes of The Rescue Ships, The Medics and The Bloodpoets who sound like Jinja Safari, The Temper Trap and Architecture In Helsinki, respectively.

On Represent – The Footstomp Music Sampler listeners are treated to a smorgasbord of varied and talented Australian artists. The many differences in the musical styles on offer mean you probably won’t love everything here but there is definitely a gift or more for everyone just waiting to be found. So if you listen to Represent you may just discover your new favourite artist. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place but we all know that this collection says a hearty, “Pfft to that!”

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