Just like Death Cab For Cutie, Vampire Weekend and The Basics, The Lazys are a group whose band name is more for decoration than an actual indication of their sound or approach to music. They released their debut LP, Prison Earth in 2010 and are now back with a five-track EP. And if anyone thinks this one is going to be filled with languid riffs or sleepy songs (well, that’s what I first thought when I heard the group’s name anyway) then you can tell them they’re dreaming.

Temptation Never Liked You includes five cuts of high-octane rock music. The band themselves have said their sound tends to fit into one of two major categories, either straight up rock ‘n’ roll or the melodic variety. If we’re to be honest, there’s certainly an emphasis on the former here and this is filtered through living and partying hard. So whether you’re cheering on your favourite team at a sporting match or you’ve put your arms around your mate while sinking tinnies at your local, this seems like as good a soundtrack as any.

The EP was recorded at Notes in Newtown as the guys wanted to capture the raw power of their stage show and put it out on record. They would then turn to Matt Lovell (Silverchair, Cold Chisel) for mixing duties and he would work the pixie dust over it all to ultimately find the right balance between the live environment and what listeners normally expect from studio recordings.

“Really Ready For You?” is blood, sweet and beers packaged into one furious song. At times it sounds like AC/DC and with its yelled, not stirred lyrics that are very catchy, it makes for one hard-hitting siren call. “Society’s Whores” follows with a Queens Of The Stone Age riff while the title track shares a few things in common with Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein”. On the melodic side of the fence we get “Angels Sun”, one that features multiple layers, a slower pace and a denser sound, meaning it could’ve been written by The Vines.

On Temptation Never Liked You the Central Coast-via-Sydney boys wear their influences prominently on their black, ragged sleeves. Although this means they’re not reinventing the wheel, it still proves energetic and anguished enough for people to have fun and roll with some punchy numbers.

Originally published on 21 February 2012 at the following website: http://sludgefactory.com.au/lazys-temptation-never-liked-you

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