I think I’m in love with this cheery pop song, no questions asked. Truth be told, I came to this group via one of my favourite bands, Jebediah. If you look closely you’ll see that Vanessa Thornton and Brett Mitchell are again at the bass and drums, respectively and with the help of front woman, Addison Axe (vocals, guitars) and Nat Ripepi (guitars) they are Axe Girl.

On Is This Love? these guys could give a lady (and not just anyone but none other than Ladyhawke) a run for her money thanks to their own retro-flavoured pop sound. They seem to consider their music as being reminiscent of PJ Harvey, Nirvana and No Doubt, but for my money there’s everyone from the aforementioned Phillipa Brown to the Pixies, Divinyls and just about everyone in between here. So that’s it, I’m in love and all that’s left to ask is where do I send the “Truckload of woo” to?


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