Forget Autumn, Sydney’s currently freezing and while local lads, Palms may be singing about the hot season being over you’d hardly know it from their music. “Summer Is Done With Us” is two and a half minutes of cheery retro pop, clanging garage and a danceworthy feel – think like a cassette meets Straight Arrows meets Red Riders. It’s hardly surprising really, as the group are made up of an Arrow, one half of the sadly missed, Red Riders and a very obvious penchant for the eighties, no doubt kids of that weird and wonderful era like yours truly.

Here the time changes like the seasons and it’s all about bendy straws, distortion and milkshakes. It’s plenty of fun, fun, fun as you bask on a hill wearing something that reads: “This is my official gear jamming,’ tire smoking,’ night crusin’ t-shirt”. Yeah.


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