Prince has a dirty mind. Magic Dirt have dirty jeans. And now Sydney get The Dirty Earth. They are a 5-piece rock band that formed in July 2011 and have just released their eponymous, debut EP. The Dirty Earth came together due to a mutual appreciation of groups like MC5, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin. But the fact they’re fronted by Mandy Newton will no doubt see them likened to Baby Animals, the aforementioned ‘Dirt and possibly even Divinyls due to their strong and feisty front woman.

‘Never Again’ sees a sound that is all classic, Oz rock with chugging guitars and power chords aplenty. There is even a hint of The Cranberries in the often-repeated lyrics that seem almost custom-built for audience interaction in a large, live setting. This feeling of emergency and just managing to bring things over the line is replicated in “Tidelands”. The group are just two songs in and they already assert and prove themselves to be as full of energy as 50 five years olds on a concoction of red cordial and sherbet.

On ‘Tell Me I’m Here’ they all sound like they’re throwing multiple punches, although at one point I could have sworn I heard a part that was reminiscent of the sadly missed Kiwi band, Betchadupa. But what is easily more prominent, however, is the AC/DC style of buzz saw guitars and a no shit attitude that is found on the remainder of their tracks.

For my money though, ‘Pretty Face’ is the strongest cut on offer here. It features the following lyrics:

“Always been a sucker for your pretty face, anytime, any place”.
I can imagine many a bloke thinking this about a beautiful woman. But the fact that Newton’s singing it with her soaring vocals makes it a right opportunity to put your hands up in the air. It’s great to hear her voice also become little gravelly and overall, the track is all power and passion. A rolled up ball of heavy rock swagger, filthy bass and hooky, garage rock riffs.

Make no mistake, Mandy Newton is one gutsy mamma, confident but not too cocky as she leads her band of rock men. Straight to a garage near you, The Dirty Earth play guitar riffs that are like their namesake (dirty) and ones that are also raw, grungy and of course, rocking. With five songs clocking in at 17 minutes, their debut plays out faster than it takes for you to dash out for a pack of cigarettes. And it’s far better for your health…

Originally published on 11 June 2012 at the following website: http://sludgefactory.com.au/dirty-earth-self-titled-ep-cd-review

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