There’s a band of brothers with soaring, falsetto harmonies that we’ve claimed as our own. And they’re not The Bee Gees. They are in fact Oscar and Hugo Bishop AKA Mrs Bishop.

The name has nothing to do with Bronwyn or Harold’s wife; it’s just their mum. It’s the same woman responsible for their time spent living in Sweden and the UK. These days they call Australia home and more specifically, old Sydney town. The pair’s quite worldly and yet their music sounds out-of-this world because they make floating and mellow songs that soar up high to heaven with an almost glittery magic.

Their debut eponymous EP boasts five tracks. Like the Kahn Brothers they use love, nature and harmony as sources of inspiration. But these guys have also added yoghurt and church music to the mix because they were once royal choristers for the Queen.

Single, “Broken Wing” is some soft and light indie-folk. It twinkles with a throbbing beat and at times it shares a few things in common with The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition”. “You Crying” is similarly pleasant with its dreamy pop sound and the crisp production also accentuates the guitar work that chimes.

“Way Down The Wishing Well” not only hits the high notes but it is also the pinnacle of this material. It’s all colour and light with amazing harmonies to rival Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Boy & Bear. There’s also a heavy heartbeat, some beguiling flutes and moments that resemble Jinja Safari’s work. It should therefore come as no surprise that the latter are a band that their producer, Tony Espie has worked with, among others.

The set is completed by some glistening, Coldplay-esque pop on “Where The River Flows” and the trance-like xylophone of “Jones”. The latter also sees the boys show off a rather cheeky side as they ask: “Chances are you’ve been the answer I’ve been waiting for/Are you just another poseur like the rest?”

Mrs Bishop recorded their EP in Sweden and have previously made a name for themselves by producing an ethereal cover of The Hives’ “Hate To Say I Told You So”. These five tracks prove that these pied pipers with glorious pipes also have the goods when it comes to their own well-crafted, warm and heavenly sounds. At times rather whimsical and other moments quite joyful and angelic, these guys draw you in and will have you skipping around softly in the depths of their own wonderland.

Originally published on 15 June 2012 at the following website: http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/reviews/music/32895/Mrs-Bishop–Mrs-Bishop-EP

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