We started a band“. They’re four simple words that have made and broken careers. Yet when Sydney band, Sures, put these as the sole input for their bio on Triple J Unearthed some six months ago they had no idea how much the stars would align in their favour.

Stars is the band’s debut EP. At just 15 minutes long and with five songs, it’s fair to say that things have been kept short, sharp and tight. It’s radio-friendly indie pop that has been spit-polished to perfection because it’s as fresh as an apple straight from the tree and as sweet as chocolate.

The title track is a catchy little pop number where you can hear everyone in it, from The Strokes in the beat to U2 in the guitars and beyond. It also sounds like something The Drums could perform with ease. Plus, this also rings true for their other song “The Sun,” except that the latter one also has some soaring, choir-like harmonies.

But “Poseidon” is perhaps where the most magic occurs. Here the group use mythology as an analogy for seeking control while coupling this with ringing, atmosphere-tinged riffs that are highlighted by a sweet, 60s-flavour. There’s also a surf and Beach Boys vibe. When it’s all combined I can’t help but be reminded at least a little of The Basics quote where they once described themselves as: “Nice harmonies, nice looks, nice lunch”.

The pleasantries also continue into “Romeo” where Juliet’s partner-in-crime is the star of a slower number. This one is like a pair of star-crossed lovers, namely Jinja Safari and Violent Femmes (and in particular their hit, “Blister in the Sun”). “Romeo” also comes drenched in reverb and contains the killer line: “I am no Romeo; then again you’re no Juliet”.

Sures were a duo that has burgeoned in size to become a quartet. In just a few months they underwent a musical process of sorts going from chill-wave through to 50s rock and eventually graduating with 80s synth pop and 90s grunge. One things for sure their sound is sweet and distorted yet melodic and oh so bubbly. It’s almost like this music washed up on the seas shores in full technicolour. And these blessed-out, indie golden children have proven on Stars to be the shore (sure) thing.


Originally published on 27 June 2012 at the following website: http://www.thedwarf.com.au/nd/albumreviews/stars_sures

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