On July the 22nd Melbourne’s Bella Union played host to The Story So Far… The show proved the perfect marriage between music and musings at the family-friendly time of Sunday afternoon. Hosted by Sunny Leunig and Jacinta Parsons, the man of the hour was the Melbourne-via-Perth artist, Kevin Mitchell AKA Bob Evans.

Mitchell would play stripped-back versions of various songs with just an acoustic guitar and occasionally a harmonica, with a particular highlight being the gorgeous rendition of his most famous track, “Don’t You Think It’s Time?” There was also the gentle, “Someone So Much” and a cover of Lily Allen’s “Not Fair”.

It seems that Mitchell has a new contender for the title of biggest fan. That’s because his baby daughter was in the crowd and under the watchful eye of her Mum while Dad was on-stage, she babbled and clapped along where she could. It was heart-warming to see Mitchell light up and play for her, clearly relishing watching his bub enjoy herself so much.

Aside from being a family affair, the gig wasn’t just about a live music because we would also be treated to an interesting interview. We’d learn about Mitchell’s choice of desert island discs (including songs by John Lennon, Nirvana and Beck, no less). There was also the song he’d wished he’d written and a behind-the-scenes look at life as the Jebediah frontman who graduated to become a mature, solo artiste.

Mitchell proved to be a great interviewee. He was open, candid and animated. Showing he’s a real romantic at heart, he offered tender responses (like wishing he’d had the opportunity to have a beer with his late father) plus light and funny anecdotes too. The latter included talk about learning jazz ballet as a child (complete with an impromptu demonstration) and meeting Lily Allen at the Sydney Big Day Out. It was also funny to hear Mitchell want to cover his daughter’s ears during the R-rated verse of the Allen cover.

The Story So Far… is an absolute treat and an excellent concept where you get to hear things first-hand from your favourite musicians. Anyone fortunate enough to be in Melbourne on July 29 for the final chapter should go and check it out (especially because the bill boasts You Am I’s Tim Rogers). If not, you can stay tuned to this series because the hosts said it should be continued, and it’d be great if they took it on the road in true rock style. And if nothing else, we can just sit back and witness where these musicians will go in writing their next chapter(s).

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  1. Hey there! I’m such a fan of KevBob and sad to have missed this event – I was in London when it was on. Thank you for the write up.

    1. natsalvo says:

      Hey Carly,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m also a big fan of Kevin/Bob. I live in Sydney and delayed my return home by one day just to catch this show but it was well worth it.

      Here’s hoping they do more of these in the future. 🙂


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