Sydney rockers, Regular John are building a career by proving they’re anything but regular Joes. They impressed critics and fans alike with their strong, debut LP, The Peaceful Atom Is A Bomb.

Some three years have passed since then and they are now armed with the new single, Slume. It’s a taster of their second album, Strange Flowers, and if this is indicative of the remainder of the material on the record then you can already start cracking open the bottle of champagne.

The band has undergone a slight change in their line-up but they also promoted a sense of continuity by enlisting their long-time collaborator, Tim Powles (The Church)Slume is four minutes of emotionally wrought material. It makes The Smashing Pumpkins seem like an easy reference point, as it openly dissects heavy feelings of heartbreak and sheer angst. But there is also a layered world of fuzz and feedback to be heard amongst the pummelled drums and confined chaos, meaning at moments it is also like Dinosaur Jr.

Slume is ultimately a song that is both melodic and heavy. As you listen you believe Ryan Adamson when he sings about falling in love and getting lazy before he finally concedes: “I’ll spend forever in my head”. This interior landscape is certainly one that contains powerful forces and different influences at play. In short, it’s a feeling and energetic world where love and lust collides.

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