Metric’s fifth album Synthetica is an introspective consolidation of the band’s past 10 years of dark, taunt electro pop songs and bittersweet lyrics.

On “Breathing Underwater” the band sound a little like U2 but with more hooky synths, while “Lost Kitten” sees them engage in an airy, pop parody. Here frontwoman Emily Haines adopts her best sultry femme fatal pose for an offbeat tale of whimsy set to buoyant pop. Lou Reed contributes a gruff spoken word cameo to the song, “The Wanderlust” making for a strange collaboration with Haines’ sugary vocals and the skittish keys.

Metric planned to produce something “big” with Synthetica and they were fortunate enough to have some vintage gear (a 60s organ and a homemade pedal) to help shape the glossy sound. Although it’s not their best, it is still an honest record full of melodrama, mystery and reflection packaged in an upbeat way to keep things poignant, but not too heavy.

Originally published on 3 September 2012 at the following website:–Synthetica

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