Save Me is the latest single to be taken from Gotye’s worldwide success story and album known as Making Mirrors. It joins a series of previously released, high calibre offerings like “Eyes Wide Open”, “I Feel Better”and the bona fide international hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know”. It’s hard to imagine that Save Me is actually about a lost man stuck in a funk of depression.

That’s because the mood created by the music is light and airy as various samples and instruments including a virtual mandolin, autoharp and metronome combine to make a shimmering pop sound that also grooves. There is also plenty of vocal harmonising that seems to sit somewhere between “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” and Coldplay’s “Paradise”.

At around four minutes, Save Me is a tale of redemption that ends in optimism thanks to the power of love and the wonder of silver linings. And it’s fair to say that Gotye has enjoyed plenty of the latter thanks to his brilliant, creative mind and this strong album.

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