Bento is the new musical incarnation of Silverchair’s drummer, Ben Gillies. It’s an energetic album of 12 tunes that while miles away from those angst-filled days of ‘Tomorrow’, contains some common threads with the trio’s later, more layered work. The music varies from the soaring U2-like title track to some safe, ‘70s pop (‘Words of Love’) and garden-variety synth pop (‘West Side Story’).

Ben Gillies took up the driver’s seat on this one and enlisted the help of some famous friends including Tom Rawle from Papa vs. Pretty, but even this fails to polish up what is in the end only for the most passionate Chair fans. A lot of ground is covered including funk, pop, electro-pop, rock and even psychedelia-tinged ballads but it’s fair to say that this would not be half as interesting had it not come from a member of Silverchair. Ultimately, the tracks fail to sustain your attention for their full duration and this is not helped by some repetitive lyrics that also seem rather tired and clichéd.

Originally published on 4 December 2012 at the following website:–Diamond-Days

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