Hunting Grounds have undergone more than a name-change from Howl on their debut album. In Hindsight sees the Unearthed High winners from Ballarat adding more psychedelic and shoe-gaze elements to that raw punk and indie edge without compromising on any of the energy from before.

Those listeners looking for the old band will enjoy ‘Kill My Friends’ and ‘In Colour’, as the former is all screaming thrash while the latter chugs along with a raw, incendiary power. But the biggest change is evident in the single, ‘Flaws’ where the mood is tripping, the guitars chime and the synths soar. It’s a rise or space dream filled with echo and some of The Edge’s guitar effect pedals punctuating this along with the lazy title track and many others.

The boys have three lead singers and some strong and obviously different creative driving forces. It means that those bratty punks have grown up and in their place is a literate bunch playing hazy melodies to match the blazing drums and guitars. In short, the new direction is no misstep but rather a cohesive mix of sharp psychedelic punk via pop.

Originally published on 9 July 2012 at the following website:–In-Hindsight

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