Heartthrob brings Tegan and Sara’s sound closer to the decade the Canadian twins were born in – the ‘80s. Their seventh studio album is a shift away from the folk and indie genres towards electro pop music where the gals are sitting pretty in Day-Glo pink.

Single, ‘Closer’ is a fine indication of this new sound. It’s a combination of soaring Killers-esque pop with nods towards La Roux and Roxette. The music is generally positive and that’s often reflected in the lyrics, which should bode well on the festival circuit. But it’s not all roses with ‘Now I’m All Messed Up’ and ‘How Come You Don’t Want Me’ exploring darker lyrical themes: regret, loneliness, fears and general self-loathing.

‘Goodbye, Goodbye’ comes dangerously close to being a sing-song ode to breaking up and a case of your lover not seeing you in the same light as your friends. The piano ballad ‘I Was A Fool’ celebrates the stupid things people do for love and it the only track to resemble the twins’ old sound. The same cannot be said for ‘Love They Say’, which borrows too heavily from Madonna and those hopelessly clichéd Nicholas Sparks novels where everybody’s kissing in the rain.

Tegan and Sara’s casual fans may accuse the sisters of selling out with this move towards punchy synth-pop anthems. But this new sound also comes with maturity and substance, meaning that this should endure longer than those old Hypercolour tees.

Originally published on 16 March 2013 at the following website:–Heartthrob

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