The Basics may be best known as “Gotye’s other band” but they are also three well dressed men with a knack for writing heart-warming tunes soaked in sweet harmonies and pop melodies.

The Basics’ Ingredients tracks the progression of the underrated band, drawing together 20 songs taken from their first EP through to the latest one, Wait For You; a decade’s worth of work. It’s a good taste of what the band has to offer but the number of genres tackled make it difficult to like everything on offer. Are the Basics rock ‘n’ roll, pop, rock, ska or country?

It’s obvious that Kris Schroeder, Tim Heath and Wally De Backer have an affinity with retro things but this is a positive and a negative. At best it’s a loving homage – ‘I Could Go On’ is like a lost Motown cut not dissimilar to Gotye’s own ‘I Feel Better’ – but sometimes the songs come too close to being carbon copies of the past. ‘Wait for You’ is a complete Peter Gabriel rip-off while ‘She’s Gonna B. Late’ sounds like a bunch of interchangeable sixties, British Invasion bands. ‘Better’, taken from their recent self-titled live album, comes closest to capturing their energetic concerts, something that had occasionally been lacking in their recorded output.

Originally published on 22 March 2013 at the following website:–Ingredientsob

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