The Fratellis’ show at the Metro in Sydney was their final gig of their recent, Australian tour. After a break-up and hiatus, the Scottish group along with their supports, Jenny Broke The Window put on a dazzling show. It was one that straddled the lines between rock and indie pop and it did so with the most enthusiastic burst of energy and harmony.

Sydney locals, Jenny Broke The Window were a perfect choice of opening act with their layered percussion, harmonising and indie pop sounds that at times resembled Vampire Weekend. They opened with some pounding drums and played a few tunes that had immediate and catchy melodies. It was the sort of music that was bound to hook in some new fans, even if they hadn’t heard the music before, because it was so lush and peppy.

“Abracadabra” was one of their slower tracks but it still managed to keep up the pace and the momentum of the proceedings going. “Fancy Dress” also did the same but it was the closing, “Rum ‘n’ Cola” that was the real crowd pleaser. By then the audience had swollen significantly and they were treated to a big, full sound and a song they’d probably heard on local and community radio. In short, it was a brief punchy set that was likely to earn the band some new fans.

The Fratellis were in town to promote their recent, comeback record, We Need Medicine. They would play nine songs from this effort as well as lots of old favourites from their previous two albums. They began with the exuberant, “This Old Town”, which saw front man, Jon Fratelli twisting and jigging away as he played, and it was something he’d do for much of the evening. It was pretty apparent from the start that the trio (along with touring keyboardist, Will Foster) were all happy to be there.

There were lots of jolting, lightning bolts of rhythm during “Flathead” and it was also a number you could imagine Jack White performing with ease. The stomping song, “Halloween Blues” followed and it was the first of many new tracks to be well-received but it was old favourites like the grooving, “Lupe Brown” and “Cuntry Boys & City Girls” that really got the punters’ hearts a-racing. “Vince The Loveable Stoner” on the other hand, had a lazy vibe that felt like the boys were sitting on a porch and watching the world go by.

A faster version of For “That Girl” was performed and it teased the crowd with its massive build-up while “Henrietta” proved to be a mass sing-along. One of the newer, rockier tunes, “This Is Not The End Of The World” was reminiscent of the one-two punch of The Hives before the boys retuned to the old, Britpop sunniness of “Baby Fratelli”.

The boys would close their set with “Until She Saves My Soul” but everybody new that something was missing. As the roadie set-up for the encore the near-full Metro erupted into everyone singing along to the “do-dos” of the as yet unplayed, “Chelsea Dagger”. The boys returned and played the hot-off-the-press, “All The Long Live Day” and a slightly different take on Dion’s “Runaround Sue” before the fans would get their wish and hear the track they had waited so patiently to hear all night. “Chelsea Dagger” was nothing short of amazing, arms flailed, the energy reached up and kissed the sky.

The night would then close officially with “A Heady Tale” and a promise to return soon. It was a strong number but it had been eclipsed by the penultimate tune and anthem. In all, The Fratellis had offered lots of bang for the punter’s buck with a 23-song set that was full of pulse and energy. It was something that never felt like it stopped, not even allowing one to catch their breath. The Fratellis have reunited and are back, having put on a fun and fine rock show that made most people feel like dancing their Sunday night away.


The Fratellis’ Sydney set list:

1. This Old Ghost Town
2. Flathead
3. Halloween Blues
4. Vince The Loveable Stoner
5. Lupe Brown
6. Cuntry Boys & City Girls
7. She’s Not Gone Yet But She’s Leaving
8. Whistle For The Choir
9. For That Girl
10. Shotgun Shoes
11. Seven Nights, Seven Days
12. Babydoll
13. Henrietta
14. Jeannie Nitro
15. This Is Not The End Of The World
16. Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
17. Baby Fratelli
18. We Need Medicine
19. Until She Saves My Soul
20. All The Long Live Day
21. Runaround Sue (originally performed by Dion)
22. Chelsea Dagger
23. A Heady Tale


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