Lace Curtain seem to revel in challenging your perceptions. The Sydney Festival show was performed on Sunday evening at the famous Spiegeltent in Hyde Park. But the sound and vibe was closer to a sweaty nightclub at around midnight.

The sound is the brainchild of musician/sonic wizard, David West who is also known for his work in Rat Columns and Tudor House and as a fleeting member of post-punk band, Total Control. For this show he performed solo and built exquisite sonic tapestries using a guitar, two mics, looping pedals and samplers. This meant there were moments where he resembled Liam Finn’s earlier solo shows and at other points he was closer to the electro works of Seekae and Fishing.

West was a rather unassuming performer but he was also fun to watch. He’d sing an obtuse or open-ended lyric, which allowed the listener to then get lost in the swirling beats, distorted rhythms and other chinks and clicks. The music was detailed and rich and not unlike the sonic equivalent of a Yoko Ono quote. Namely: “Draw yourself a maze and get lost in it”.

The crowd seemed enthused if not a little bemused by the spectacle that was Lace Curtain. The notes were bent in all sorts of directions and there was lots of interesting stuff happening between the bars of this music. In short, it was a challenging visual piece that was staunch and a tad confronting.


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