Jed Walker is a man on a mission. The ex-CIA agent first appeared in James Phelan’s suspense thriller, The Spy. This fiction story chronicled his first encounter with the shadowy, terrorist group, The Zodiac. The forthright, American operative was out to prove himself and clear his name but also to ultimately make the world a safer place. The Hunted picks up where The Spy left off.


The year is now 2015, some four years after Army Seals from Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. Now they are being eliminated one by one and all signs seem to point to Zodiac. Walker sets out to find and protect one of the remaining Seals named, Charles Murphy. Walker has a hard job ahead of him as he also has to find out who is at the bottom of all this and to prevent anything more sinister from happening.


It’s easy to see how author, James Phelan is a best-seller. He keeps the energy high in this suspense-filled novel (making it not unlike a Matthew Reilly creation).The use of military terminology throughout makes the proceedings feel very authentic. The reader will easily become enveloped by the intelligent plot and will be eager to find out just what happens next.


Phelan’s writing is the perfect storm of swift pacing and gritty prose about some tough and hardened men dealing with dangerous situations. The Hunted builds to a big and satisfying climax. It will also have you questioning people’s loyalties, their appetites for revenge and their overall motives and personality traits. In short, it’s a fascinating, psychological thriller that is gripping, rough and resolute.


This review originally appeared on The Reading Room and was received for free from the publishers as an advance copy. To view the original review please visit the following website:

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