How To Build Self-discipline is a book that does just as the label says. The e-book is by Martin Meadows, a man who uses a pen name and one that has dedicated his life to constantly reinventing himself through personal growth activities. This is someone who has walked the talk and here he offers readers some practical advice in an easy-to-read format that is nicely summarised at the end of each chapter and above all, is easy to follow.


Meadows does not spend a lot of time going into the dry, scientific studies that provide proof for a lot of the phenomena he describes. Instead, he uses lots of annotations and focuses on the “how”. He looks at why we are motivated by instant gratification and the status quo and how we can be overwhelmed by decision fatigue. He offers good advice on how to be more mindful about making decisions and how visualising and mediating on realistic, long-term goals and forming habits can achieve enduring results.


The book could use a little more elaboration at times and possibly some diagrams to really hit Meadows’ message home. But that said, the book does offer some helpful advice to people who want to change the way they think and act. How to Build Self-discipline is a great starting point and inspirational tool that will enable its readers to employ real and lasting changes in their lives.


***Please note: a free copy of this book was given to the writer through a Library Thing giveaway. To read the original review on that website please visit:


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