Northmen – A Viking Saga is for people who like their battles to be played hard and fast. It’s also one for those fans who want a little less conversation, a little more action. Because while it’s an adequate and epic adventure/drama, this battle does fail to properly introduce the characters and their back stories, meaning you struggle to have any sense of emotional investment in their fates.

A band of Vikings are stranded off the coast of Alba (modern day Scotland). This is the territory of foes as there isn’t a Viking settlement for kilometres. The group of miscreants had been intent on pillaging the local monasteries but instead they encounter a noblewoman named Inghean (Charlie Murphy (’71 )) who is eventually revealed to be the King’s daughter.

The King (Danny Keogh) is mad so he sends out some brutal mercenaries to kill the group or “finish off the deed”. The Viking group therefore, face many deadly battles and encounters. Among the Vikings are Johabn Hegg from Swedish death metal band, Amon Amarth and Tom Hopper (Merlin) – who looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth in Thor. On the journey they also meet Conall (Ryan Kwanten), a monk that’s handy with a sword and one who becomes an unlikely friend.

Northmen is a rough and raw film that is based on a simple and forgettable premise. There is a distinct lack of real surprises here and occasionally there are moments where the whole thing descends into a mess of clichés. This then makes for a superficial film with unengaging lead characters that is lacking in suspense and tension overall. This uninteresting tale really doesn’t offer anything new and while some people may appreciate the energy and goriness, others still may want something a little meatier like the recent Vikings TV show.


Originally published on 13 April 2015 at the following website: http://iris.theaureview.com/2015/04/13/dvd-review-northmen-a-viking-saga-switzerland-germany-south-africa-2014/

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