Man Finds Food is a TV show with a simple name and an even simpler premise. It sees food enthusiast, Adam Richman in the eponymous role and telling people about some hidden restaurants that are off the beaten track and their secret menu items that locals do not necessarily know about. It is something that can only exist in America.

Richman is no stranger to making shows about food, as he has previously helmed and participated in competitive eating challenges in Man V. Food. This means that Man Finds Food is no huge stretch for him. Once again he brings a hosting style that is charming if not a little cheesy and over-the-top. The same description could also be applied to some of these oddball, culinary creations.

The DVD set sees 14 episodes that are less than 30 minutes each. This is not a lot of time to dedicate to the many American states and towns that Richman travels to, including: Los Angeles, Nashville, Boston, Texas, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas and Hawaii, to name a few. Richman does try to fit a lot in with the time he is given. The show is also unashamedly American in that it is very loud, bold and proud. This is sometimes part of its allure and at other points it is its drawback.

The presentation is really immature, zany and off-the-wall with Richman and crew keeping the mood light and funny. While this can make for an energetic, fast-paced and entertaining show, it is also one that is superficial and not very informative. In a lot of cases the chefs are not very forthcoming in their secret ingredients and techniques (which is unsurprising really) so while you do see food being prepared, you aren’t necessarily all the wiser about it all.

The food itself is larger than life and over-the-top like the program (think about something Elvis Presley would have eaten towards the end of his career and you’d be close). In good news for food fetishists there are lots of visuals focusing on perfectly cooked egg’s yolks that are cracked and sauces running like great pools of goodness. Richman also loves it when the sound guys capture a good, crunchy bit of food.

The creations range from strange inside-out sandwiches to items that were created after the menu was finalised and others still that feature tens to hundreds of ingredients. There are a lot of burgers and sandwiches as well as lighter options like quail and Japanese ramen in a fine dining restaurant. But for the most part the food looks like a coronary waiting to happen. It may look appetising but we’re not sure how your stomach or heart will feel about consuming so much richness in one setting.

Man Finds Food shares a few things in common with Charles Firth’s stories from his work with the Chaser. The show is swiftly edited, in your face and packed with visual punches. In all, this is a cult TV show that will appeal to those people who don’t mind a side order of cheese with their food programming.

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