Philadelphia Grand Jury still know how to party (party), and their new single ‘Crashing & Burning Pt. II’ and comeback record Summer Of Doom prove it.

The short and sharp 12 tracks are a raw and red-hot deal that segues off on more tangents than a drunk uncle, and it’s all as bubbly and fun as an enthusiastic teenager.

The trio recorded the album in a whirlwind ten days in Berlin, and often live. This lends the proceedings an energetic and rough-around-the-edges vibe in which some diverse musical styles are referenced – think of everyone from The John Steel Singers (‘Get Happy Again’) to José González (‘Better Send Someone’), and some loud and fast punk in most of the other tracks.

Summer Of Doom is a sprawling and ambitious stroll towards the sun, full of layers and textures and simple yet clever lyrics. It’s sometimes one big Pro Hart-style mess, but mostly it’s full of colourful, rocking indie, punk and soul tunes.

A welcome second trip from the well-loved Philly Jays.

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