Life Story is nothing short of amazing. The incredible nature film starring Sir David Attenborough and produced by the Emmy award-wining team that made Life is an intense ride that is supported by a sensitive soundtrack performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. It conveys a thrilling roller-coaster of emotions, as it chronicles the birth, life and deaths of many animals.

The first three episodes introduce the audience to various creatures after they are born and as they grow and build homes for themselves. There are some meerkat pups shown leaving their burrows but it’s a less perilous start to life than the barnacle geese in Greenland. The latter birds are forced to jump off a 400-foot cliff face before they’ve even learned to fly in order to join their parents as they search for food. It’s quite nerve-wrenching to witness these goslings take a leap of faith that can kill them (or expose them to predators) in order to survive.

Another animal that is shown facing off with its predators is the humpback whale who must undertake a long migration after only six weeks of life. If they’re not strong enough they can become exhausted and fall prey to sharks. This series has also managed to capture in stunning ultra HD some whole new behaviours in animals. In the case of the whale, a calf was shown being protected by a large male that wasn’t its father. It’s fascinating stuff.

Life Story is an incredible series where Sir Attenborough informs and educates the audience as well as offering moments of great entertainment. It’s all one big journey through the joys, sorrows, pains and happiness that life encompasses, where real challenges must be faced every day in order to survive and successfully reproduce. In all, this is a ground-breaking program from some truly accomplished filmmakers.

The special features include an interesting interview with Sir David Attenbourough, as well as some insightful behind-the-scenes featurettes.


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