All That Is Lost Between Us will have you transfixed and wanting to rush to the very end in order to figure it all out. The novel is the fourth one from England-born, Perth-based writer, Sara Foster. It’s an intense, psychological drama that is brimming with secrets, lies and deception.

The story has four alternating narrators. The main one is 17-year-old Georgia Turner, a girl that is harbouring a dark secret. She’s also one of the victims in a hit and run incident that sees her cousin, Sophia placed in an induced coma. Questions are swiftly asked about whether the driver deliberately sort out these two teenagers or whether they were subject to a horrific accident.

Another key narrator is Georgia’s mother, Anya, a school psychologist who is juggling distant children and a marriage that is crumbling around her. Anya’s chapters are unique in that they’re told in the first person, which lends the prose a more intimate feel to the other storytellers; because Georgia, her computer game-playing brother, Zac and their selfish father Callum’s stories are all told in the third person.

All That Is Lost Between Us covers just 48 hours in the lives of the Turner family but it also packs a lot of things in. This is a weighty and nuanced tale that poses some important questions while also hooking the reader in as it slowly drip-feeds different clues and lobs a few curveballs into the mix. Foster has done a good job of constructing this world out of so many different parts and vignettes because in the end, this novel still feels like one cohesive whole.

Sara Foster’s latest novel is a beautifully-written family drama and thriller that is set in England’s atmospheric, Lake District. It’s a modern-day domestic drama that shows how relationships that were once close can become frayed and distant. In short, this is an immediate and emotional tale filled with sensitivity, pathos and depth.


***Please note: a free copy of this book was given to the writer through a Beauty & Lace giveaway. To read the original review on that website please visit:


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