When we were children most of us would’ve blown bubbles and tried to catch them. As adults there is still something magical in watching large bubbles being created as they fly through the sky before they reach the end of their transient lifespan and go “Pop!” Melody Yang is someone that knows all about this.

She’s one of the lead performers in the Gazillion Bubble Show which encourages audiences to immerse themselves in an interactive world of bubbles and bubble artistry as well as watching some special lighting and laser effects. The AU Review sat down with Melody ahead of her Australian tour to learn more about creating a 170 foot bubble and what it takes to learn bubble magic.

Can you briefly introduce yourself? How long have you been working in the arts industry?

My name is Melody Yang and I was born in a small village in Serbia, called Ruma. I am currently 24-years-old and now living in New York City where I am running the Gazillion Bubble Production with my brother which has now been running for 10 years. Both my parents have been street performers before I was born so I pretty much was born right into the entertainment and arts business. Once I was 4 years old my parents already had myself and my brother performing in talent shows, galas, circuses and more.

Can you briefly describe your show, Gazillion Bubble Show?

The Gazillion Bubble Show is a show for every age from years 2 to 102. It’s a show that combines art, science and modern special effects. The show displays various bubble tricks and techniques, for instance square bubbles, smoke bubbles, spinning bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, audiences inside the bubbles and a whole lot more. We engage the audience by giving them the opportunity to participate. They get a chance to be involved as well as pop millions of bubbles surrounding them. Ending off the show with an epic ocean blast of bubbles and lasers.

Why do you think audiences should come and see the Gazillion Bubble Show?

They should come to see the show because they will be astounded by the numbers of things they’ll witness that can be done with just a simple soap bubble. This is an interactive show, we get everyone involved and engaged. Everybody gets a chance to burst millions of bubbles. It’s the only one of its kind where anyone can enjoy (meaning it’s not just for kids, but teens and adults as well).

The show features mind-blowing bubble magic. How did you come to learn this? How does learning bubble magic differ from regular magic?

Yes, the show features mind-blowing bubble magic but really what’s unique about bubbles is it actually doesn’t involve magic. You will witness me manipulating the bubbles and it all comes down to the science and physics. It took a lot of trial and error to understand how to manipulate bubbles. Sometimes if the air is too dry, the bubbles will pop very quickly so I will need to calculate the timing of my tricks. If there are many dust particles in the atmosphere than the bubbles are likely to burst. Also the solution becomes another factor, if my liquid is not mixed precisely according to the conditions of the environment then it may cause difficulties. But this all really is something I experienced over time and learned to overcome. Bubbles look very simple but to be capable of manipulating it took many years of experience, practice and coaching from both my parents.

In your opinion, can anyone pick up bubble magic or regular magic? What sorts of skills does one require to work in this area?

I believe anyone can do anything if they work hard enough to achieve it. However, I believe bubble artistry is not done so simply and to acquire these skills takes practice, experience and the understanding of science and physics. As for regular magic I would assume it is easier because there are not many factors that can cause a trick to fail whereas bubbles have many influences.

You hold a series of Guinness World Record titles. Which one was the most difficult to achieve? Why?

The most difficult Guinness Record was when my family and I had to create the World’s Largest Bubble. We completed the record which was 170FT long in length. The reasons why it was difficult is that first we needed to design a mechanism to construct such a large bubble that can last about 4 seconds without bursting. We brainstorm ideas to create layers within the bubbles so if one were to burst there would be another layer behind it to save it. Also the atmosphere was difficult because the record was done in Beijing China during the cold winter. We needed to come up with a solution that would not cause it to freeze.

Are there any world record titles you haven’t achieved yet but one day hope to? If so, what are they?

So far it seems as though we have beaten and achieved as many world record titles you can possibly imagine. But because we have come up with many designs and creations there are still endless ideas. Personally I would love to include something with animals and bubbles.

Do you have a favourite part in the production? What does it involve and why did you choose this one?

This is a difficult question because each segment in the show has its own special element. But if I had to pick I would say my favourite part is the Bubble-LaserFX that is at the end of the show. This segment is only done by me or my brother since my parents are unable to do it. It’s a segment that has me manipulating lasers while being surrounded with bubbles. The effects of the lasers and the bubbles gives off a sparkling effect which looks phenomenal hence why we saved the best for last.

Is bubble magic like regular magic insofar as does a bubble magician ever reveal how to do their tricks?

The bubble magic is not like regular magic. I can show you how to do the trick and explain it to you but once I put you to the test you may have some difficulties. The only thing we cannot reveal is the secret ingredients to our solution (laughs).

Is there anything else you’d like to tell The AU Review about the Gazillion Bubble Show or future works?

The Gazillion Bubble Show is very visual, explaining it can only do so much. You have to see it for yourself to be amazed. This show definitely brings the kid out in everyone regardless of age. I am extremely thrilled to be coming to Australia to share the beauty and art of bubbles with Australian audiences.


Gazillion Bubble Show plays the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Canberra Theatre, Sydney’s Theatre Royal and Adelaide’s Festival Theatre in June and July. For ticketing information please consult the individual venue’s website. For more information on the Gazillion Bubble Show visit:


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