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The days of going out for ice-cream and eating a scoop in a cone or a cup are over thanks to Mövenpick. The Swiss brand (owned by Nestlé) has recently launched their 25th Australian store in Sydney. This is a flagship store; a dessert boutique that offers customers a full dining experience including an outdoor seating area resembling a hidden laneway in Melbourne. The store serves up waffles, crêpes, fondants, pastries and other desserts that complement the fine experience that is eating a Mövenpick ice-cream.


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Mövenpick’s founder Ueli Prager once said, “We do nothing extraordinary; our success lies in the fact we do simple things in an extraordinary way”. It is this desire to not overcomplicate flavours that really rings true in Mövenpick’s desserts. There are 24 different ice-cream varieties, each with a subtle, fresh taste. The ice-cream is free of artificial colours, flavours and additives. There is an emphasis on fresh ingredients, which is bliss meaning when trying ice-creams such as the strawberry and mango varieties, as you can actually see, savour, enjoy and taste the pieces of fruit.


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A new addition to the Mövenpick family is the blueberry cheesecake ice-cream which offers a unique spin on an iconic dessert. It is available for $4.95 for a single scoop and also as a shake ($7.95) and with waffles ($16.95). The ice-cream has also been used in a new dessert collaboration between Mövenpick and former teacher-turned-cake maker and dessert creative, Katherine Sabbath. For a limited time customers can try the rich chocolate shortbread tartlet filled with a scoop of Mövenpick ice-cream, complete with a dark chocolate and raspberry chocolate shard, drizzled in a raspberry coulis ($12.95).




Katherine Sabbath has remained true to Mövenpick’s modest ethos by offering a dessert that appears minimal in looks, yet offers a balanced and different array of flavour profiles. The chocolate tart is crunchy and sweet like an after-dinner biscuit, while the cheesecake ice-cream is creamy, decadent and has a subtle floral and berry flavour. The freeze-dried raspberry offers a more intense tartness, while the shard looks so pretty and precious; it’s rather like the jewel on the crown. The dessert is also served on a plate that looks like Seinfeld’s black and white cookie! The overall package is very yummy and looks bound to please any discerning foodie or ice-cream fan.


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Mövenpick also offer a range of other desserts, with their sorbets proving a real hit in summer, while winter sees a spike in sales for waffles and fondants. The ice-cream brand began in Switzerland in 1948, initially providing fine food to restaurants. It has gone from strength-to-strength, evolving from outdoor kiosks and take-way stores, to the new look dessert parlours, perfect for relaxing in the company of good friends around a table, or in large booths just like a retro diner! It’s a fun experience and the ice-cream really shines thanks to its natural and premium ingredients that scream quality.


Do yourself a favour and try a flavour.



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