The John Steel Singers are no strangers to producing bright, poppy sounds. But on their third studio album, Midnight at the Plutonium their venue of choice is a disco in the seventies and a soundtrack punctuated by smooth basslines, sweet melodies and hypnotic synths.

Single, “Weekend Lover” boasts local champions Donny Benet on keys and Jonathan Boulet on vocals and they seem to have created some healthy rivalry, because it comes across like a competition for the highest falsetto and tightest pants. The result is an awesome party anthem with a fabulous video clip to boot.

“Can You Feel The Future” is nothing less than a bizarre, eight-minute epic that started life as a psychedelic jam and includes some sultry saxophone lines and a bass that bubbles like an effervescent soft drink. It’s the complete opposite to the slower, more dream-like “Taxi or Walk?” This short interlude of introspection doesn’t last long, however, because it’s clear that this record has sold its soul to seventies funk and pop.

Midnight at the Plutonium is the sound of a confident in a playful mood, tinkering away on various pieces of instrumentation for its own amusement. Good times.

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