They say that good things come in small packages. This is certainly the case for the 375g ballotin box by chocolatier, Jeff de Bruges. This little gift box packs a whopping 32 different chocolates in one handy spot. This means there is a little something for everyone in a prism that can only be described as chocolate heaven. This bundle features chocolates of all different shapes and sizes in the milk, dark and white varieties.

Jeff de Bruges is an acclaimed confectioner who is well known throughout Europe for his chocolates. Now it’s Australia’s turn with the first store in the country to be opened in Bondi. The chocolatiers use old French recipes but there are also some modern twists thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. Ultimately the emphasis is on quality as there are no hydrogenated vegetable fats, palm oil or genetically modified organisms used in the production of these chocolates. It is mostly just cocoa butter, pure and simple and this is how it should be.

The chocolates fit five broad types. There are the “intense” ones for the extra-strong dark chocolate pieces and the “creamy” for the soft and smooth ones that are typically milk chocolate. There’s the fruity variety for the often soft-centred ones that are paired with a tart fruit like a lemon or a raspberry while the spicy variety include ingredients like coffee, tea or other spices. The final “type” is the “gourmet” one and the bulk of the chocolates fit this category. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is de Bruges’s speciality as this draws together lots of crisp and nutty pieces.

A highlight of this collection is the gianduja. This is one for lovers of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. It’s a very creamy one that tastes like hazelnuts and is also the basis for quite a few of the chocolates in the ballotin. Another stand-out is the amande milk and dark chocolates that are the size of chocolate sultanas but are actually a kind of scorched almond with a sugar coating. In lesser hands this could be sickly sweet and overpowering but one thing that is noteworthy about Jeff de Bruges’s chocolates is how balanced all the flavours are, it’s like they’re all in perfect sync with one another.

Jeff de Bruges chocolates look poised to become a new favourite with Australians who love their high-quality chocolate packed with a dash of chic and modern sophistication. The ballotin box has a little something for everyone and the premium ingredients mean that these chocolates are far better for you then the chemical-ridden slabs on our supermarket shelves. We may not need another excuse to eat chocolate but Jeff de Bruges has given us at least 32 reasons why we should sit down and savour every morsel of his creations and bask in their glory. Yum!


***Please note: a free box of chocolates was given to the writer through a Beauty & Lace giveaway. To read the original review on that website please visit:


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