Daffy, Donald and Plucka are the names of famous ducks. But another one set to join their ranks is a little restaurant in Sydney called Holy Duck! It’s a casual eatery that’s been dubbed the younger, funkier brother of Chefs Gallery. It’s also another addition to the Sydney food trend for casual spin-offs of famous restaurants (see: Fratelli Famous, The Bavarian and Margherita & Co., to name a few.) Holy Duck! promises a relaxed, friendly atmosphere as well as great-quality food and drinks.


Holy Duck! is the latest eatery to be conceived by Kaisern Ching, the man who brought us Chefs Gallery and Din Tai Fung. The duck menu items have always been popular ones at Chefs Gallery and Ching wanted a place where the delectable treat known as duck could be celebrated with a tasty fusion menu. Ching also wanted to turn the notion of eating duck on its head so that purists could enjoy it in the traditional way (in a roast, Peking-style and in pancakes) as well as with newer creative spins like in burgers and with different sauces and flavours.


Holy Duck! is located in the recently revamped Kensington Street precinct in Chippendale. This is a bright restaurant with friendly staff. It has a cool, modern look with an industrial-feel and minimalist furniture. It’s a place where a diner could order take-away or sit and tuck into some tasty, street-style food. This is a place where you can sit and chat as a group or eat some quick things on the run with your hands because it caters to these different possibilities.


The menu includes house specialities like roast duck. The crispy duck comes served with a delectable orange hoisin sauce as well cucumber and spring onions in quarter, half or whole sizes. This same flavour combination is found on the scrumptious What the Duck! burger. This comes with a brioche bun that is easily one of the tastiest burgers in Sydney (and it faces some stiff competition with the number of burger joints that have opened here of late). The best accompaniment to the burger is the moreish shoestring fries with duck salt that are incredibly tasty, as are the lotus root chips.

20161214-holyduck_053 20161214-holyduck_088


For those diners that don’t want duck there are other burger varieties including crispy chicken, a caramelised sweet and sticky barbeque pork and a five-spice chickpea vegetable patty burger. The restaurant also sell roast and barbeque rice bowls that will impress discerning pork belly lovers (there are three different varieties) or alternatively there are roast duck and crispy fried shantung chicken options.



Don’t be fooled by the name, Holy Duck! has a little something for everyone on its tasty menu. This new addition to the Sydney food scene looks poised to follow Ching’s other ventures in that it challenges your notion of Chinese food by fusing together modern techniques and concepts to make succulent roast and barbequed recipes and flavours. Holy Duck! offers simply the best of different camps as it combines an East-meets-West, street food via casual eats vibe, and offers something fresh and contemporary where a holy and humble little duckling can star and dance the funky chicken. Just kidding!




Images supplied and used with permission.

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