The words “wine” and “cheese” are two of the most delectable in the English language. They’re also two very good reasons to celebrate France’s national holiday, Bastille Day. Sydney is host to a four-day Bastille Festival to celebrate all things French at Circular Quay.

The Bastille Festival is a warm and vibrant one that’s also free. It boasts an open-air cinema with films like Amélie and Moulin Rouge. It also hosts four large food villages with two French ones serving up an array of different crepes, fromage and wine as well as Nordic and Latin ones that will showcase the best food and drinks from the likes of: Germany Belgium, Italy, Spain and more.

The festival is also hosting a series of ticketed wine masterclasses with United Cellars, a festival partner. These are run by a French sommelier and participants will sample a veritable tour de force of French wines including ones from the regions of Bordeaux and the Loire and Rhone Valleys.

French grapes have been grown for thousands of years and these grape varieties are popular with Australians, consider: Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. The masterclass features these and other different blends. These are paired with food tastings from charcuterie boards (because things are always better with food.) The wine is available for sale by the bottle with prices ranging from $14.99 to $45.99. There are also mixed cases available with a dozen costing $149 and six for $79.

The Bastille Festival is also hosting some lively entertainment including cabaret, DJs, folk dance and circus arts. There are also lots of spots where you can stop, chill out and lap up the atmosphere in special pop-up wine bars and beer gardens. Not a bad way to spend a lazy, weekend afternoon.

The Bastille Festival is a fun multi-day adventure where the community come together to eat, drink and be merry while celebrating all things France. In the spirit of the traditional Bastille Day it’s a sweet celebration where people who are French, Francophile or others looking for fun can party together.

Viva la France!


Originally published on 18 July 2017 at the following website:


Photo credit: Christian Gilles


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