Tales Of Absurdiah

Tales of Absurdiah started as an idea after noticing that one too many stupid things happen as a somewhat regular occurrence in my daily life. In the meantime there was a blogging competition and I started to develop the idea further. I originally summed up the idea as follows:

“This blog is for those people who feel like their lives are like an episode of The Office or Fawlty Towers i.e. whose day-to-day seem littered with one too many weird or stupid events that used to be transient and mostly forgotten occurrences. Until now…”

Links to my posts today can be found below…I personally recommend the Robert Smith one, but each to their own:

Post 14: In My Shoes (& Walking Into Things)

Post 13: This Is Not Art

Post 12: Wanted: Missing Plants

Post 11: Dining With The Locals (AKA It’s Cold, Wet & Grey- Like Our Tea!)

Post 10: Come Fly With Me (But Only If You Don’t Go Looking For Starbucks In Italy)

Post 9: In My Shoes (AKA More Random Musings Including Don’t Forget Your Underpants)

Post 8: You’ve Been Gifted

Post 7: For Sale: Sex, Hardly Used

Post 6: What’s A Ramone?

Post 5: How Robert Smith Owes Me A Pizza

Post 4: Kids (& Adults) Say The Darndest Things

Post 3: But Is It Safe?

Post 2: A Fine Webform

Post 1:  Where’s The Beef?


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